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Our team works on this process accurately to give the most moderate valuation (price) by calculating the time (hourly basis) taken for entire detailing process.

We endeavor to build a long term relationship with customers by being more reliable and delivering quality services based on the clients requirements while following the prescribed standards.

The Silver Hawks can be the one stop solution for all your structural estimating services. The skilled team of estimators at Silver Hawks can deliver our clients detailed analysis of the structural steel projects and provide you with accurate estimates with a detailed cost breakdown.

The estimation service ensures that the project runs on the minimum costs, reduced storage space at the site location, and stays with your time schedule. We calculate and offer accurate quotes to our clients which include materials, accessories and erection costs.

Our team of skilled structural steel estimators and engineers have developed the best estimating practices to analyze and audit takeoffs and control construction costs for our clients.

Many of the steel fabricators and manufacturers, even steel framing contractors have trouble reading the technical details from the plans and making accurate takeoffs with structural details due to less technical know-how. We specialize in providing a complete range of steel estimating and detailing services with the ability to handle complex structures. Our estimators and detailers are well conversant with the manufacturing process, specifications, techniques like laser welding, advanced cutting, etc.

Our emphasis on accuracy and detail not only lessens the waste but also contributes to the green environment by ordering the least amount at the construction site and keeping away the dumped waste.

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