• Connection designs


Connection designs

Our Connection Design Services involving the Design, Review, and Analysis of connections are provided by an able in-house team of Professional Engineers as well as Connection design specialty engineer (CDSE) equipped with latest technology.

Our connection design team of skilled structural engineers works to build the connection designs with high accuracy in order to ensure good productivity.

  • The team verifies the rigidity of connections
  • Manages bolted and welding joints and generates complete design reports
  • Offers Review and stamping services

Silver Hawks offers structural steel connection design services including stamping for medium to large construction projects. We produce structural steel calculations as per client information about loads and that are clear and easy to follow given information and cross verify.

We design connections with the fabricators and erectors in mind and we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure an economical, safe and code-compliant connection. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of steel connection designing and offer quality connection design services.

Silver Hawks strives to be a leader in connection design by providing the economical and quick turnaround solution to connection design. We produce structural steel connection calculations that are clear and well organized so that everyone involved in a project is able to understand and follow.

We review and approve shop drawings and erection drawings for structural steel connection, we work closely with our steel detailers to develop an economical design that meets our clients’ needs. We design to maximize productivity and profitability for shop fabrication and field assembly and we will ensure these connections are in line with structural engineer requirements.

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